Friday, April 9, 2010

(trip to atlanta, pt. 2, saturday)

saturday wasn't quite so busy for us, which was nice. we all loaded up and headed into olde town conyers for family photos (by the way we went with option 1 for the pictures- except that my mom had gotten ian some jeans, so he wore those). they went really well. we did pictures with the 3 of us, and my parents, then we did some with my grandparents, and then we did some with just the 3 of us. ian started to get fussy while we were doing the pictures with just us, so we called it a day.

dave and i had an appointment at 2:00 to get our taxes finished, so we let ian go back to the house with my parents. we discovered on the way out that we were going to be super-early, so we made a stop at chick-fil-a. yummy. i can't get enough of that place! strawberry milkshake- i love you!

as soon as we arrived to get our taxes done we had good news! instead of a mistake that had us owing the gov't $4k, we were actually getting refunds from the feds and the state of illinois- only owing georgia! whoo hoo! this was especially good news because while i was a nanny we saved money for tax purposes, and we get to keep all of it! it will be nice to have some cushion around with all our ridiculous hospital bills (thanks, insurance).

when we got home we napped and then we watched basketball. unfortunately, michigan state lost, so we were a little bummed. we decided shortly after to call it a night because we were so exhausted!

so perhaps a boring day, but nice and relaxing. i didn't even see ian too much, he was being hogged by the relatives- but i didn't mind for their sake!!

i promise, photos later... our other computer isn't working, so i can't get them up!! Pin It!

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