Wednesday, April 28, 2010

because you had a bad day

today was a horrible day. i really struggled with ian today. during 45 minutes of screaming and fighting a nap, i lost it. i completely broke down. there's crying, and then there's crying, and i was crying. i hadn't cried like that since my dad told me my grandfather died. it was actually less crying and more howling. it was awful. i finally broke down and called my mother at work, it was that bad. thank the Lord for mom's- she certainly made it better. i was miserable though- what was i doing so wrong to cause ian to just wail and wail. he's so tired, why won't he nap? again, i felt like the worst mom in the world. this story ended with a wet-haired mom in a bathrobe holding her baby in her arms on her bed, and both of them sleeping for 2 hours +. i guess we needed it. Pin It!

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