Friday, April 16, 2010

week 11 photos

i failed to mention in the week 11 update that we took ian to see the easter bunny. as you can tell, he did really well. he's wearing an outfit with bunny feet. i'm not even sure he knows that he's being held by a giant bunny. he was too worried about perfecting his "blue steel" look. did i mention that i'm the one who cried?

"the pregnancy pact"
brittany & navey, rebecca & olivia, mandy & ryan, wendy & "mav", me & ian, christi & landon

dad time
ryan & landon, joel & olivia, kenny & "the mav", nick & ryan, jason & navey, dave & ian

my mom and ian. that's a pretty interesting position he's in!

my dad and ian. my dad is probably telling ian he should be wearing something georgia

easter sunday. my parents yard was the perfect setting for pictures

handsome boy in his easter vest

the varsity, of course!

one cool dude cheering on the braves!
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  1. How many of your friends had babies??? Last year in my church there were 9 of us - 7 boys 2 girls. This year there are three, three days in a row all girls!

  2. hi there,
    Ian looks so adorable..and thanks for ur comment on the breastfeeding issue.. it really cheered me up : )


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