Wednesday, May 19, 2010

coach gifts

a little while back i posted about push gifts, but you really shouldn't forget that special person in your life who brought you to the state of agonizing pain you're about to enter into- your coach.  my husband was the best coach ever.  i have to admit, i wasn't sure how he'd do, but he rose to the challenge and if it weren't for him and my l & d nurse, i probably couldn't have done it!  he was amazing.  we took a childbirth class 10 days before ian was born, and although husband was doubting its usefulness, i think in the end it really came in handy.  we learned a little bit of lamaze breathing, and once i was induced, i forgot all about it.  however, he didn't.  he remembered every step, from finding a focal point in the room to when to do the specific types of breathing (there were short, quick breaths, and slow, deep breaths).  he was also nice enough to put up with my sudden need to watch the food network once the biggest loser ended and kept it on the tv until push time (4 am).  he also helped me drag my iv stand and everything else i was attached to into the bathroom the 10 times i had to go, and when i thought my water broke, he called the nurse.  i'm embarrassed to say my water hadn't broken....  most importantly  he held my hand as i squeezed all the blood out of his while i pushed and growled and everything else, and even though he didn't want to actually see baby come out, when my nurse got so excited that she called him to "come look, you can see the top of his little head!!" he obliged. 

so of course, he needed a little love too, and so does your coach.  wondering what to get him, here are a few excellent ideas.

1.  handheld video camera.  this is what i got for husband, and it came with very simple instructions:  DO NOT FILM ME IN LABOR!  anything else is fine.  and we've used it to capture many wonderful moments, although i wish we remembered to use it more!!

this is the Flip UltraHD Camcorder, 120 Minutes (Black).  it was a little out of my price range, but so cute!

i ended up going with this option instead:  
 this is the Aiptek HD-1 720P High Definition Camcorder with Built-in 1GB Storage (Silver).  definitely more in the desired price range.  it's made wonderful videos and even takes still photos.

2.  portable dvd player.  you may be sitting in the hospital for a while, and the channel selection isn't that good.  we had basic channels, 20 radio channels, food network, 20 spanish channels and 3 "how to care for your newborn" channels.  not a lot of selection.  and depending on whether you have a c or go natural, you could be there 72 hours +.  

3.  a nintendo ds or psp.  if i had things my way, i probably would've gotten this for dave.  how fun would this be?!  in the end though, the camcorder was more practical.  

4.  beer of the month membership.  or a beer making kit.  i know my husband would love this, and he already has a beer making kit, so he'd probably love to try new monthly brews!

you can get started here

basic brewing kit.  love this place.  great customer service!

so those are just a few ideas that your coach might love.  another great idea i just thought of was game tickets- depending on if his favorite sport is in season.  anything else you think might be a good idea, or is something you purchased yourself?  i'd love to know!!
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