Monday, May 17, 2010

oh, baby, it's a BABY!

may 17, 2009

i need to preface this picture by telling the story about it.  i was late, obviously.  we had been trying for a couple months w\ no success, so i already had a box of tests.  i took one on saturday, but the digital tests can be picky if they get too "sprinkled" so i got an error message.  i had one test left, so i figured i'd try it later that evening.  when i went to find the 2nd test, it was gone.  i tore our room upside down trying to figure out where i would've hidden it.  i tore the bathroom upside down.  i must have spent over an hour trying to find this test, and it had literally disappeared into thin air.  i went to bed saying i'd wait until the next morning (they say that's the best time to take the test).  the next morning i tore the house upside down again (to this day, i still don't know the whereabouts of my other test) to no avail.  so, i threw on my glasses and a jacket and hightailed it to walgreen's.  i was literally running through the store doing the potty dance.  i buy the test and get a disapproving look from my cashier, and burn rubber back home because i'm about to wet my pants.  i take the test, i'm so nervous, i lay it face-down on the counter.  it didn't even take 2 minutes for the results.  i throw the bathroom door open and husband is sitting on a chair in the loft watching tv- our eyes meet.  i start furiously nodding my head and tears are streaming down my face.  my life was forever changed.
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  1. Great story! I love the "how we found out" stories.

    And why does the cashier always seem so judgemental? When I bought a few I got the same. Totally irritated me!

  2. thats nice.. i got to know mine through blood work.. it was too early and the hpt was negative.i didnt get the thrill of the test telling yes or turning blue : (

  3. Love this story! So so wonderful. :)

  4. Aweh! Congrats! I love this story! :)


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