Thursday, May 6, 2010

week 15

here are the haps from week 14-15 (april 28-may 5).

call me crazy!  we took another trip (do we ever stop?).  ian and i packed up and went with grammie and aunt skippy to ft. wayne, indiana- home of great gma king and the vera bradley outlet sale. my poor son.  we woke very early to make it to the sale by the 8 am opening.  last year we arrived at 8 and walked right in.  this time we arrived at 8 and had to stand in line for an hour and a half just to get in.  and it was cold.  and i dressed my son in a shorts jumper with no shoes.  awesome.  luckily we had blankets so we bundled him up and he fell asleep until we got inside.  can i just say that it's more difficult to purse shop pushing a stroller and carrying a baby on your body while carrying a plastic garbage bag full of purses...  i also wasn't as impressed with this years' wares. and all the idiots who arrived at 4am to stand in line took the good stuff x5.  they really need to lower the $2500 limit because those people are just reselling that stuff.  if you don't believe me- go check ebay right now.  but ian did really well.  he didn't fuss once!  i did pretty well too, until we were on our way out the door and some old bag looked me right in the face and said, "poor baby."  really lady?  have you not seen the other 800 babies/children in this arena. 

we went back the next morning as well, but ian stayed home with his great grammie and uncle nick.  it wasn't as bad except that women were clawing at each other to get large duffel bags.  that's when we decided those b's were crazy and called it a sale.  i did at least come away with a new diaper bag!  btw, this year's sale had 63,000 compared to last year's 60,000.  ridic.

so we spent the rest of the weekend with family.  all the cousins were over for dinner friday night.  we got to see ian's newborn pictures as well, and they're really good (i'll share later).  we decided to keep ian on central time in order to prevent any confusion (and 6 am wake ups) when we got back home.  it worked!

back at home we've had a lazy week- just catching up on sleep.  ian seems to be getting bigger, and i seem to be getting smaller!  my hair is also falling out like crazy now.  i may be bald by the end of the summer!  oh, hormones.  thank you for returning to your regularly scheduled programming.

what's new this week- grasping.  ian has already been grabbing and holding our hands (and anything else) for quite some time, but now he's grasping with a purpose.  this week he grabbed his ducky toy, held onto it for a while, and was actually able to pull it and make it vibrate without our help!!  he's also drooling more than usual and trying to put everything into his mouth!  i feel teeth are just around the corner!  as i previously mentioned our crib was just recalled so we are trying to reassess the moving ian to his own room situation... and we were so close.

well, it looks like we have another exciting week ahead of us!  mother's day is sunday, and husband's birthday is monday!

so sleepy

and fast asleep
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  1. ian looks so adorable in this pic... and hey my birthday is on May 10 th too : )


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