Tuesday, May 11, 2010

push gifts

what is a push gift, you might ask?  a push gift or push present is a gift a husband gives their wife upon the birth of their child.  yes, it is another excuse to receive a gift, and what woman doesn't want that?  yes, the birth of your child is definitely gift enough, but there's got to be some thanks for the baby weight you may never lose, having to give up margaritas for 9+ months and the fact that your lady parts may never be the same again.  i was lucky enough to receive a push gift (i did drop a few hints) and i must say husband did a really good job.  it doesn't have to be expensive (although they can be, depending on the husband (or wife)), and it does help to have some sentiment to it.  here's how husband did...

husband got me this sweet little necklace from under her charm.  it has my name and baby's name on it.  i wish it had husband's name too.  but that will come later!  what i love about it is that it has ian's name on it, and that it's close to my heart... just like ian.  ;)  plus, it's not overdone, it's just simple, and it goes with pretty much everything!!

other really cute ideas in the jewelry department:

cute items from the vintage pearl

the famous "mama necklace" by tali gillette

there are lots of cute mama-esque items out there.  here are some other awesome ideas, these are more me-specific, but you get the idea...

call me crazy, but what woman wouldn't want a pair of diamond hoops?

my heavens, i'm in LOVE with this mixer.  of course, it appears to be discontinued at the moment, but mixer, you will be mine one day!

so besides my necklace, husband also got me the most hilarious book ever:  The Diaper Diaries: The Real Poop on a New Mom's First Year.  we read parts of it after they had started the induction and were in tears over some of the ridiculous things in there.  the nurses probably thought we were crazy.  i read the rest of the book (when i could stay awake) during middle of the night feedings, and on more than one occasion i scared ian by laughing like the crazed, sleep-deprived woman i was. i'd definitely recommend it to all new mom's, and i plan on reading again when ian is a year old to see how true it really is.

so, is jewelry not your thing?  how about a family push gift?  here are some awesome ideas.

your first family vacation (visualize baby here- slathered with spf 1,000 and under an umbrella, of course).

a flat-screen hd television!  (i realize most people have one of these already, but if you're losers like us, you still have a 20-inch regular tv.  you sit on your couch and squint just to see what's going on with your shows).

there's an appropriate push gift for every budget.  and although a gift is nice, the best gift you can give your wife isn't a thing.  it's your love and support during labor and delivery and the crazy weeks (months, years) afterwards!  helping out around the house with things she can't do, and taking part in late night feedings (or taking a turn- if she isn't breastfeeding, of course).  

husband's shouldn't be left out though.  i got my husband what i like to call a "coach gift" (i don't think that's a credited term).  that's for another day though...
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  1. Love your Push Prize, so sweet and special! And the book sounds funny, I'm going to get a copy to read, thanks!

  2. Love the necklace...I just gave a similar one from Lisa Leonard Designs to my cousin...funny thing was as soon as I gave it to her she found out she was pregnant again, so looks like she will need to add another little name plate :)

  3. aww, what a sweet post! love the push gift your husband gave you :) precious.

  4. Amazing! want them all!


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