Monday, May 10, 2010

what a difference a year makes

this week marks a very different week in our lives than what it held in 2009.  it amazes me that a year can make such a difference.  this was different in a way i could never imagine. 

what was i doing may 6-10, 2009.

the ultimate act of rebellion.  husband says if i loved him enough to have lovebirds tattooed on my foot that i should've loved him enough to have his name tattooed with the birds.  oh, please.
(omg, please forgive my ghettoes- my husband says there isn't room for pedicures in the budget.  grr)

saying goodbye to friends
(we learned on this night that nick & mandy (to our left) were expecting.  little did we know...)
joel's wife was expecting as well.  she was home "sick" ;)

we also said goodbye to this place
good riddance.  how you've broken our hearts.

and we packed up everything in the place and moved away.  far, far away.
here's husband recreating a moment from Over the Top 

this weekend was filled with lots of laughter, and far more tears.  it found us fighting over what made it onto the truck, and what got trashed.  everything became a sentimental item.  it found me sitting in my empty closet, in my empty room crying my eyes out over a place that we didn't love that would later bring us nothing but heartache.  as husband said, it was our house, but it wasn't our home.  we started the 2 day trip on saturday, may 9, and spent the bulk of sunday, may 10, making the rest of the trip.  sunday, may 10, 2009.  mother's day.  also, my husband's birthday.  the first mother's day i spent without my mother, and as my husband says, the worst birthday he can ever remember having.  

it would be another week before our lives were changed forever.

fast forward to 2010.  i'll say it again.  what a difference a year makes.  no, i don't love it here.  i'm not even sure i like it here, but it's been quite a year.  with highest highs and some lows as well, but i can tell you there's someone who's made our lives so different.  so how does this weekend end?  with husband's birthday of course.  the best husband/daddy ever, of course.  happy birthday, husband!  we love you!

more birthday fun later!!
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  1. What a difference a year makes!

  2. Isn't it amazing how much can change in a year . . . or a week for that matter. We never know what is around the next corner.

    I love your tattoo!!

  3. thanks! it was my first... and last! ouch!

  4. So nice to see people of other countries blogs!
    The same troubles like ours!Kisses and good luck.Cristina from Brazil-São Paulo.


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