Tuesday, May 4, 2010

mcfatty monday 3 (better late than never)

it's mcfatty tuesday monday!

well, i am one week away from my weigh in ob appointment next week, so still no idea how i'm doing on the weight front.  last week was crazy.  i went with my mother and sister in law to indiana on wednesday, so i feel like i had a 4 day weekend.  i did walk on monday, and i'm still trying to make healthier eating choices.  i can't say i felt good about eating in indiana- husband's gma can cook.  plus, like most gma's, she forces you to eat everything in her house because "she doesn't want leftovers."  so my weekend consisted of things such as sour cream meat pie (sounds gross- but isn't), baked ham with party potatoes and pineapple casserole, jewish coffee cake, zucchini bread, a fudge party (heaven) and starbucks.

i did a lot of walking at the vera sale, but i still wasn't feeling good about all the yumminess i was consuming.  i did notice something on saturday though- the jeans i had bought in april for easter weekend were looking a little loose.  so i went to the loft and picked up another pair in the same size, but they were tight- wth?  i realized that the tight jeans were "modern" fit (slim through the thighs- and i've got thighs like what, what, what), and the loose jeans were "curvy" fit.  so that got me thinking...

so after we got home, i went to my closet and looked through my pre-pregnancy jeans.  sure enough there was a size 6 "curvy" fit.  i yanked them off the hanger, slipped them on, buttoned them, and, OMG!!!  there i was, standing in the middle of my room wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans!!!!  i must have stared at my butt in the mirror for 5 minutes...  i now officially have 3 pairs of jeans- size 10, size 8 and size 6.  note to women's jeans makers:  for crying out loud, can't i just go in and buy my size and know they'll fit?!  i have a baby, i don't have time to try 800 things on in a dressing room. 

now i'm not getting too ahead of myself.  this is one of those "you may have won the battle, but you haven't won the war" moments.  small victories.  because the next day i tried on the rest of my pre-pregnancy pants, and none of them fit, and ::sigh::  i still can't get my wedding band on.  but i'm getting there!!

we also received a gift while we were in ft. wayne.  dave's cousin now has 2 adorable children and they no longer have use for a 1-child jogging stroller.  they were kind enough to give us their old stroller!!!  this now means i must jog!!  so this week i'll be "learning" how to jog... and hopefully liking it!

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  1. Awesome for the new/used jogger stroller! I've been looking for a used one via craigslist, etc, for a while, and haven't found one I like or is "new" enough to buy second hand.

    Agree about the sizing of jeans, WFT?! I too have a good supply of jeans of various sizes, and they all fit (currently).

    And, I'm at my parents house now for a week with the baby, and I eat so horribly when I'm here. I snack snack snack all day. That's it, no more snacks for me . . . today! :)

  2. FUN! I can't jog. At all. It's sad. Good luck! oh, and congrats on the pre-preg jeans! That's great!!

  3. ak- i can't jog either, so this should be hilarious


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