Monday, May 3, 2010

is anything "safe" for baby?

while we were in ft. wayne, i saw on the news a story about crib recalls and immediately feared the worst.  in fact, i recognized our crib on tv (we have the lauren).  sure enough, i carried my laptop into ian's room, and squeezed myself under the crib to compare model numbers, and there it was.  what a disappointment.  we are just days away from having ian sleep in his crib overnight- in fact, he's probably already there, and now i have to completely stop.  now, i'm sure that he would be perfectly safe sleeping in this crib (i don't even use the drop side), but last year i had to deal with this recall.  this is the bed we purchased for ian to sleep in while in our room.  the recall was issued 6 weeks before ian was born, and we were supposed to have the repair kit in 4-6 weeks (it took 18 weeks).  we had no where else to put ian in our room, so we decided to buy a sleep positioner and let him sleep in the hammock.  once we finally received our repair kit and installed it, i saw how unsteady the hammock was all along, and was practically kicking myself.  i figure i may have gotten lucky once, i probably shouldn't risk it again.  the crib repair kit is supposed to take 2-3 weeks.  we'll see.  geez, these recalls almost make co-sleeping seem like the safest option...

on the same day of the crib recall was the tylenol recall.  i was able to match those model numbers, and i immediately chucked those bottles.  this leaves me wondering what i should do in 2 weeks when ian goes in for his 4 month shots. 

i know these companies are doing what's best for our children, but are they making any safe products?  are we too safely conscious these days?  i was out of a car seat at 3- today booster seats run up to 100 lbs (i could see myself in college, still needing a booster seat).  our parents and grandparents didn't have all the safetly rules that we have today, yet they turned out ok.  i guess those were different times, but something has to give.  i'm over dropping hundreds of dollars on products that you tell me may injure or kill my child.  i have enough to worry about without having to worry about whether the side of his crib is going to fall off and he's going to fall out, or whether his stroller is going to amputate his fingers.  for the sake of our children, please, get these products right, or at least discover their faults before someone gets hurt!!

now that i'm off my soapbox- movie recommendation:

away we go.  such a cute story about a couple who are expecting their first child, and their search for a place to call "home."  we really enjoyed it. the time a couple spends together before having their first child is so precious.  go rent it! Pin It!


  1. Vis a vis Cake pops - make sure Ian is asleep when you do any of this. The first time I did it I was so mad at the pops because Toby woke up part way through and I couldn't stop so I missed out on some Toby time. This time I did everything while he was asleep over two evenings and was far less mad. One day I will make these work for me - in time for his High School Graduation maybe. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new picture!

  2. I can totally relate to the recall drama! Ours is also on the recall list and of course we also have the recalled meds.


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