Thursday, May 13, 2010

week 16

here are the haps from week 15-16 (may 5-11).

last thursday we finally made it back to mom-baby group after a 2 week break.  it was nice to see everyone again + there were 5 new babies!  i remember the first time i went with ian- he was 8 days old, and there we were sitting next to a sweet baby who was 8 days old.  time.  flies.  we were late, per usual because we are 15 miles away from the hospital (thank God i was induced, huh?) and if we had just been there 5 minutes sooner we might have made it into the paper.  the local paper had found out about the mom-baby group and was doing a story on mother's and their first mother's day.  however, the 8 day old won.  of course.  who doesn't love a new baby? 

thursday night i went to work, and when i got home, ian was already in bed.  i cried.  this is going to be the case from now on however, as he's taking his last feeding around 9. 

friday i went to work for a couple hours, so grammy came over and watched ian.  that night we went over to see dave's friend chris and play a little risk.  i had never played before and i won.  total world domination.  whoo!  dave got knocked out first, so ian spent a lot of time sitting with him!

saturday was sleep-in day.  when we finally dragged ourselves up we made breakfast and went out to run some errands. i went to get my hair cut.  now, when i was in atlanta, i went to this fabulous place, and never walked out with a frown on my face.  here, i have been relegated to great clips.  don't get me wrong.  nothing wrong with great clips, and my stylist was super-friendly, but it's not for me.  i'm pretty sure i now have full-on mom hair.  blech.  after the hair incident, we went to church, where they have parent rooms, so we were able to sit in a soundproof room and enjoy church without being scared that everyone around us was thinking "just put that kid in the nursery."  we then went to mother's day dinner, which was amazing!

sunday-  i already talked about the fun we had for mother's day, so i won't rehash all of it here, but i must say, my boys are wonderful.  i love them soooooooooo much. 

monday was husband's birthday.  i got his gifts together and "wrapped" and even had time to bake a pie, from scratch (ok, i didn't make the crust).  i was pretty proud of myself.  we went to dinner and had a lovely time.  dave loved his gifts and the pie.  he's pretty awesome.

tuesday i had my dr's appointment.  ian came along and was well-behaved.  he smiled for dr. uma, as he should since she was the first face he saw upon entering this world.  since he'd had a busy morning, we came back and took it easy until dave got home.  dave has started back playing softball, but the game was canceled for rain.  we met his mom for our usual tuesday night dinner, and then had lost time. 

that's pretty much this week, in a nutshell.  nothing new to report really.  ian now shows no interest whatsoever in rolling over, he prefers to play with his favorite toy- his pull duck, or his hands.  drooling like crazy (i think it's time for him to wear a bib all day).  i can't wait to write about this upcoming week because he's already done a few big things!  i must wait!

playing with my hands

homemade coconut cream pie

getting ready to help daddy blow out the candles

playing in my swing.  mommy decided to buy me shoes this week in hopes of keeping my socks on!

a very sleepy boy laying with his grammy

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