Tuesday, July 19, 2011

last minute

jumper: old navy
sweater: loft
shoes: seychelles
baby: adorable

this outfit wasn't supposed to be this outfit.   meaning, i was wearing something else when i got something all over myself and had to change.  not cool.  i only say not cool b\c i had to scramble for 15 minutes trying to work another outfit together.  this works though b\c i get to wear this jumper again and it is totes comfortable.  

hair:  today i tried this.  please don't be shocked when you see that my hair looks nothing like that.  i feel like my hair is just as long as hers, but i couldn't pull off the loose french braid- mine are always tight..  plus, by the time we took this photo, i had been running errands for 2+ hours... at least.  and i swear, i'm getting clear hair bands one day... it just looks weird w\o them

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