Friday, July 15, 2011

this is why we take multiple pictures

you're going to love this one...

top: loft
shorts: loft
shoes: seychelles

everything about this picture is laughable.  first, i had to crop dave's foot out of the bottom b\c he insists on laying on the ground instead of squatting to take a picture.  second, i look like an amazon.  third, this picture is awful b\c it's the only picture we took.  that's right, the camera died as soon as dave snapped this picture, so i was forced to work with what came out.  yikes.  i just don't think i like this top.  i think it might go very soon.  i can't decide.  there's just something about tops from loft with ruffles that just don't seem to work for me.  also, these shorts- falling down!  i bought these when i was pregnant, and they fit me very well then- now, not so much.  so, do i hold on to them for the next time around, or do i get rid of them too?  i guess i could always just wear a belt...
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