Wednesday, July 27, 2011

double duty

scarf- shop in curacao
dress- old navy maternity
belt- target
shoes- toms

i wore this outfit on friday & saturday and for some reason thought it would be best to take the picture on friday.  friday after riding my bike and not washing my hair, grocery shopping and making dinner @ 10 pm.  instead of saturday w\ washed hair, make up and a delightful day of lounging around.  i look slightly crazed here, and i was.  in fact, the best photo in this series was one of me giving my husband the bird, but that is not very nice or classy.  although i know some of you are fans of my "tiny middle finger."  if you ask nicely, i will send you that picture, and it will be just like college all over again.  yes, i'm talking to you peg sutter.*  also, i totally ripped this look off....  i bet you thought i was going to say that i'm totally ripped...  that too.

*names have been changed to protect the "innocent"
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