Thursday, July 14, 2011

i resolve, july

not to make stupid resolutions this year that i will have forgotten about by... yesterday.

instead.  my "resolution" is to make a short list of attainable goals each month- and to share them with you.  sometimes later in the month than expected...

july is halfway over already... so, june goals:

  • drink water like it's my job
  • don't be so tied up online- manage my time better for blogging & working
  • lose 4 more lbs!- i think i lost 2-3 lbs though.  i can't keep track.  i have lost 9 lbs total.
  • sell a little more on ebay
  • have an awesome birthday
  • work on the list- it's definitely not going to be completed.
goals for july:
  •  finish big item on list + at least 1 more
  • 2 date nights (1 in, 1 out)
  • keep going to bed early
  • finish the book i've been reading for 2 months
  • pick a new race!
  • mail scarf to swap buddy
  • write back to pen pal (yes, i have a pen pal, no, they're not in prison)
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