Tuesday, July 26, 2011

mommy reads: the accidental billionaires

if you haven't heard of the book the accidental billionaires, i'm sure you've heard of the movie the social network.  haven't heard of that?  then i'm sure you've heard of facebook.  the accidental billionaires the founding of facebook a tale of money|sex|genius|and betrayal is a narrative novel by ben mezrich that tells the tale of the founding of the social network that we love/hate called facebook.  starting out as just a hack in a harvard dorm room to the billion dollar company it is today; the accidental billionaires shares all the dirty details behind the founding and growing of facebook.  mark zuckerberg & eduardo saverin start thefacebook from mark's harvard dorm in 2004 using mark's computer skills and eduardo's money.  from there the site explodes- mark drops out of harvard and moves to palo alto, ca to run the business while eduardo stays in school.  the friends grow apart, mark pushes eduardo out of facebook.  if you've seen the movie, reading the book is definitely not necessary.  you won't really learn anything new.  i actually found the movie to be far more interesting than the book, and jesse eisenberg is definitely a far more likeable mark zuckerberg.  if you haven't seen the movie, i'd definitely recommend it.  it's a very interesting look at the founding of facebook.  it's definitely not what most people probably think it is.  it took me 2 months to read this book b\c it started very slow, and the writing style was just weird to me.  this is probably one of my least favorite books that i've read... at least in a while.  

1/5 stars.  rent the movie instead. 
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