Friday, July 15, 2011

jump(er) around

we're all caught up!

jumper: old navy
sandals: havaianas

i just might wear this jumper every day for the rest of the summer.  srsly.  i own this beauty thanks to maegan (who looks quite sexy in it, if i might add).  when i saw it, i had to have one for myself.  she told me it was a steal from old navy.  so of course, i headed that way.  i found one- and it was an xxl, and was quite saddened.  but i took about 3 trips around the store and came back and not only were there more sizes, but more colors.  so it was between grey & black.  the price tag said $35, which i was not going to pay, but i got up to the register and it was only $8!  what what!  now, i wish i had gotten the black one too (and i might).  this thing is so comfortable.  i think i'll wear it again today... 

oh, my hair...  here's today's look for the summer of hair..  via pinterest.  it turned out really well except for the obnoxious pink ponytail holder that i chose.  i must not have braided as far down on this side, b\c i was able to tuck the other side into the bun.  i really need some clear hair bands!  i thought it turned out pretty cute though, and i even got a few (okay, one) complements!  

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