Tuesday, July 26, 2011


top: loft
shorts: old navy
shoes: toms

this is how you take a self portrait.  which is easy if you live in a house of mirrors like dave & i do.  in our bedroom alone there are 8 mirrors.  it's not what you think.  7 of them actually were in the room when we moved in.  it's just weird.  there are mirrors everywhere in this house.  so it helps to have a closet made of 4 giant mirrored doors.  that's really all you need for the perfect self portrait.  today's outfit was wrinkly, the bed is only halfway made and i had to take my own picture.  i'm starting to run out of ideas for what to wear.  4 ensembles to go!  i actually have 2 outfits to go, and i plan on finishing on saturday!  woo hoo!
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