Wednesday, July 13, 2011

mix & match

sweater: loft
skirt: loft
shoes: toms

it's not in my element to mix patterns like this- unfortunately, my head doesn't think that way.  that's why i have so much trouble putting together a good outfit- b\c i can't think outside of the box enough to put something together.  this is why i read blogs and participate in blog challenges... b\c i need help.  so while i would never think to mix a stripe with a floral this girl would mix 2 florals, and the results, well, it's brilliant.  so i thought i can do that myself.  i love how this turned out.  i felt so casual and so comfortable, although i was dressed up... and boy did i need the comfortable.  i stuffed almost 2000 calories and 185 carbs in this outfit.  it's really embarrassing to say that, but listen people, i needed the fuel.  they don't call it carbo-loading for nothing.
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