Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i have a problem

earrings: forever 21
jacket: loft
top: loft
pants: loft
shoes: havaianas

seriously, i get that i have a major problem w\ this 30x30.  everything i own is from the freaking loft.  this used to not be a problem.  but there are several major contributing factors:  1.  they have a petites section.  2.  they always have a sale going on, or i always have a coupon.  3.  they are convenient to my home.  4.  their clothes consistently fit me.  there are plenty of other places that i like or would like to shop at but... target- not a great size selection for/don't like a lot of what they have/can't find what i want.  forever 21- closed the one closest to our house, the next one is at woodfield, and i hate going there.  h&m- same- also @ woodfield.  so i will accept any & all ideas to get me out of my "rut."  i seriously am thinking about just shopping @ goodwill b\c i can probably afford it + more variety... but i'll accept any ideas (or donations)...  

today i did this with my hair and it was super easy & pretty... only problem, it was hard to keep pins in w\ nothing to really pin it to, but i will try this again.  you get to see how this hair style looked after 6 hours and 2 pina coladas...  mmm.  by the time we snapped the photo, it was looking a little mullet-esque

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