Monday, June 20, 2011

the dust settles

birthday week and father's day weekend  aren't ever good for eating.  for one, we usually end up going out for both.  it's harder to track my calories when i'm out b\c not all restaurants are listed in the myfitnesspal app.  also, we end up eating home-cooked meals with family during that time- and that's even harder to track calories b\c i'm not the one who made them.  i'm happy to say that i'm back to my own home-cooked meals made by me where i'm able to track and list every ingredient.  although i do love family dinners. 

i'm also pleased to report that i finished my 1st 2 weeks doing wii fit workouts/weigh ins/body tests.  due to the wii fit being crazy- i had a goal of 138 lbs to lose in those first two weeks.  and although the wii said i was approaching my goal at a good pace- sadly, i didn't make my goal...  this time i was able to set a more reasonable goal.  my current goal is 11 lbs.  losing this 11 lbs will get me into the "normal" bmi range, and perhaps will get the wii fit to stop saying "that's overweight" every time i step on.  so far i've lost a total of around 7 lbs since i started getting serious about the way i eat.

workouts were also a little crazy this week.  monday, i missed the gym b\c they now close the nursery early, and it's become impossible to get ian there before his nap begins.  tuesday we ended up walking around the neighborhood.  wednesday, my sweet husband took ian during his lunch hour so i could go to the gym & run (our jogging stroller has a flat and the pump is missing a piece, grr), all so i could go to a party with my friend that evening (therefore sacrificing his own workout).  thursday we had to be in the city, so we missed that workout.  and friday we were finally back together @ the gym (even though i forgot my shoes- and sadly that's not the first time).  saturday we finally were able to hit the bike path.  i have to admit- every time i get on the bike i'm scared.  i actually had tears in my eyes at some points during this ride.  i did pretty well, if you don't count the time we were stopped at a red light and i freaked out when it turned green therefore letting dave ride across the street without me... oops.

goals for this week-  keep tracking, don't miss a workout, keep watching calories and sugar.

i'm linking up with Blair for McFatty Monday over @ Heir to Blair Pin It!

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