Thursday, June 16, 2011

garden party

blouse- loft
skirt- loft
shoes- seychelles
earrings- forever xxi

i wasn't sure if i would even have an outfit for today as i was just planning on staying at home and then running to the gym later.  however, a friend called and we headed to a garden party hosted by the local pumpkin farm/garden center.  it was pouring, but we had a great time and i even bought a few succulents to plant.  i just like saying succulents.  

boy, the camera adds like 20 lbs- or maybe that's what i really look like.  and my leg is at a weird angle. dave took this picture in the dark b\c he didn't feel like turning a light on, plus "the flash is on."  he needs a lesson in photography me thinks.  anyway, i bought this shirt a few months ago w\o trying it on (mistake) and i carried it w\ us when we went to atlanta (mistake).  it was so tight across the front that the buttons were all gaping out.  however, wearing it today there was  only minor gape-age.  the skirt also fits way better than it did when i purchased it as well.  so far, this is seeming less like 30/30 and more like adventures in a closet full of ill-fitting clothes.  however, like i said yesterday, this is all about discovering my closet!
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