Wednesday, June 22, 2011

growth spurt

jacket: forever 21
tshirt: loft
jeans: loft
shoes: full tilt

the husband may be rehired b\c i look like a full-on amazon in today's photo.  this of course is thanks to me and the tips i gave him on how to make me look taller.  too bad i have scrunched face in all the pictures from laughing at his chosen photographer's position.  moving on.  i love this cute jacket that i got dirt cheap(er) than usual from forever 21.  one day i will be thin enough to feel comfortable wearing it zipped up.  also, these wedges were a steal that i bought myself for my birthday last year.  they are supes comfortable.  i have finally reached the stage of motherhood where i feel comfortable in heels (aka: i can wear them + carry baby w\o fear of dropping him on his head)- yippee!  plus, i seriously look over 5'5" in the picture, right?? ;)
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