Monday, June 27, 2011


this week seemed tough.  i started on monday w\ a dr.'s appt. where according to their records, i was actually a lb heaver than what i weighed when i saw them last year.  they also had me about 5 lbs heavier than what my home scale has me listed as.  what the heck do i really weigh?!  however, weighing myself at home had me losing 2 lbs this week.  i was under my sugars 2 days this week, which for me, is really good.  it's the biggest thing i have to work on.  my problem has never really been eating too much.  it's just been eating too much sugar.  

i've had a problem in these last few weeks with being lazy about eating.  not lazy in that i'm just shoving junk in my mouth.  lazy in that i just don't feel like eating in general.  i think i've been trying to hard to eat good things- ie: only oatmeal and a non-sugar cereal for breakfast- that i just get bored.  i can only make so many salads for lunch.  then i just eat nothing b\c rather than make another salad, it's just easier that way.  and that's worse.  this morning i had a lara bar, a banana and milk for breakfast- only b\c i didn't feel like making oatmeal or pouring a bowl of cereal.  needless to say, i'm probably already over my sugar today- and all i've had is fruit! 

workouts seem to be getting harder to squeeze in now that it's summer.  we got a jogging stroller from dave's cousin last summer, but the tire is getting flat and the pump is missing a piece.  dave's bicycle pump doesn't fit.  tuesday we decided that instead of going to the gym, we would walk to one of the gas stations by our house (there's one located a mile away on either side of our neighborhood) to pump the tire and then jog back.  we chose the wrong one.  we got all the way there to find that the air machine was broken.  boo.  wednesday was the best workout of the week.  friday was a freak out session by me where i actually cried about our upcoming event.  there's a lot of self-doubt and nerves involved.  we have 2 weeks to go. 

just keep swimming...

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