Thursday, June 23, 2011

on the fence

sweater: loft
blouse: loft
trousers: loft
shoes: toms
scarf: pronta via giveaway

i'm still not sure about my feelings on this outfit.  i just felt really big when wearing it, and the buttons on the blouse seemed to show right through the sweater.  on the other hand, i just felt like my outfit was something i'd wear to work, if i had a real job that i went to.  but something seems off?  by the way, how cute is my little scene stealer?  and how creepy is my other scene stealer?  also, love my wind blown hair?  if kendi can bring her wind machine.. then so can i.

i also attempted my own photo as a practice if the need ever arises.  2 things.  1.  no, my bed is not made.  2.  little hand prints all over the mirror.  

for my hair, i attempted this.  believe me, it needs a lot of work, and i need little hair bands.  it would probably help if i wasn't doing it with an arm that just had a tetanus shot.  it's always hard to tell how things like that look in my hair anyway, seeing that it's so dark.  i'll keep trying or wishing for 2 more arms.
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