Wednesday, June 29, 2011

maxed out

scarf: vintage (was my grandmother's)
giant sunglasses: forever 21
maxi: old navy (maternity)
shoes: seychelles

for starters- i am totes not pregnant (despite how it may look).  i bought this dress the spring after i had ian, and i still enjoy its giant breezy qualities.  a few weeks ago i started following the concrete catwalk and i am currently participating in her scarf swap (i am mulling over a few scarves to send to my swap partner, but i just can't make up my mind).  i am pretty stoked about getting my scarf and trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my wardrobe.  these 30 days are all about thinking outside of the closet and my comfort zone- and a scarf would do just that.  i wanted to practice so i'd be all ready when my scarf arrived.  i was totally drawing inspiration from here - although i haven't figured out the hair yet.  at dinner i felt like people were looking at me funny and i didn't know why... but i realized... duh, i have a scarf in my hair, but what's so weird about that?  nothing, b\c even the husband didn't make a crack about it, and i thought for sure that'd be the first thing out of his mouth!  i have a lot of pretty scarves that belonged to my grandma that i've had for a while, and it's time i get to wearing them.  speaking of my grandma- i have a ring that used to belong to her that i forgot to take off while pregnant...  my fingers are still bigger now and i haven't been able to take the ring off for a close to 2 years...  sadly, it may have to be cut and remade....  please pray, keep your fingers crossed, or whatever you do that i can get it off on my own w\o compromising the original band.  i really want it off my finger so it can breathe- it definitely has an effect on the finger, as that finger just looks weird and swollen.  ai yi yi.
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