Saturday, June 4, 2011

bathroom remodel update

so remember months ago when i talked about "remodeling" our bathrooms... well, we actually did it... months ago.

i would provide a before picture, but, well, we didn't take any.  think of ugly opaque shower doors covered in what seemed like years of mildew.  gag!  i seriously wonder if the previous tenants were cleaning here at all...  we decided to rip out the doors and tracks, scrub down the showers and remove years of caulking and install a shower bar & curtains.  we did this in our bathroom & ian's bathroom.  it's totally changed the way both bathrooms look- for the better!

with our bathroom we really didn't have a lot of options- the shower walls and floors are white tile, but the bathroom's main wall is black tile.  we decided to go with black-gray-white leaf-print shower curtain with gray/black details.  dave put up a rounded shower bar to give us more room.  i think he needed to move it out a few inches, but, oh well.  we definitely have a lot more room and the bathroom just looks better.  it's still impossible to keep clean.  ugh. 

ta da!

ian's bathroom was a little simpler.  the tile is all white, so we could do whatever.  i wanted something that had a gender-neutral feel for any future (and currently un-conceived) children, yet was appropriate for ian now.  i really wish this was our bathroom because it's so fun!

totes cute, huh?  check out that little potty seat!  if only he would use it...  ;) 

i think we did a pretty good job given that we are very limited in what we can and cannot do since it's not our own place.  anyone else renting somewhere and have chosen to make something better on your own dime? Pin It!

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