Wednesday, June 15, 2011

skinny jeans are not made for everyone

i'm really excited to be participating in the 30 for 30 remix via kendi everyday.  i love fashion, and i love seeing all the amazing outfits that other bloggers put together... but i find that i just can't put an outfit together to save my life.  when i'm forced to only use 30 pieces, my creativity has got to come through somewhere....  so here i go- 30 days, 30 real pieces of my wardrobe (and pj's and gym clothes don't count).  this may be tough b\c sadly, i don't leave my house some days..

let's get to it...

jacket: loft
tank: target
jeans: loft
shoes: seychelles

today's outfit was definitely a last-minute throw together.  i bought this top last night @ target ($2!) and i'm not 100% sure that i even like it- i guess i have 30 days to see...  i started the evening with a pair of jeggings on (free!), but you see, i have this problem- ok, 2 problems.  my thighs.  my thighs can take any pair of pants that would fit my waist perfectly- and make them not work.  i usually have to size my pants up 1 for my thighs- which is nice for my thighs, but not nice when you can pull 2" of pants from your pelvic area.  i ended up changing pants in a fit of frustration- these were the 3rd pair i settled on.  they are 2 sizes up from what i am wearing right now- but since they are skinny jeans- they're slim in the leg and i need that to fit my legs.  i blame this all on years of dancing coupled with genetics.  where's suzanne somers when you need her?
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