Monday, June 27, 2011

sunday funday

tank: loft
shorts: loft
flip flops: havaianas
cuff: c/o mom & dad for my 1st mother's day!

today was busy.  we started out the morning watching dave play hockey, after that i whipped up a cheesecake, then ian had a 1st bday party to go to.  then we had a bbq to go to. then i still had to go grocery shopping.  insanity.  this was pretty darn comfortable and perfect for all my running around.  also: i bought these shorts while i was pregnant and was totes excited that they still fit me considering they weren't maternity.  now they're too big!  eee!  also, the aforementioned summer of hair continues.  today i tried the fishtail braid/plait.  finally...  success!  this one actually looks the way it's supposed to...  miracles do happen!  she can be taught!

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