Friday, June 3, 2011

petting zoo - and a winner!

the weather has actually started getting to be spring-esque here in illinois, so i have dusted off all my skirts, dresses & sandals and have been trying to spend as much time as possible outdoors!  wednesday, ian & i met friends from our mom/baby group at the randall oaks barnyard zoo for some animal fun and a picnic.

so there aren't really many animals you can "pet" at the petting zoo, but we had a good time seeing the animals and walking through.  it's not too packed with animals, which is good for short attention spans and the price is really good.  ian definitely showed some interest in the animals too.  once we walked through the zoo, we all put out our blankets for a picnic.  ian and i enjoyed a sandwich, homemade potato salad, string cheese and a cookie.  i'm so glad i have such a good eater.  he sat in one spot on the grass and ate all of his food!

after we finished our picnic lunch ian randomly started saying "bye" and not just any bye, it was a mommy bye b\c it was just dripping with southern drawl.  it was more like "baiiiiiii."  he rarely says bye to people (mostly waves), but once he started, i couldn't get him to stop.  he was saying "baiiiii" up until we put him in bed.  hilarious.  i'm definitely glad warmer weather is finally here, because i can't wait for all the things that summer has in store for me and my little guy.  there are plenty of summer adventures to be had!

and congratulations to the winner of the cio prints giveaway. chose commenter #2-

Jessica B!  What cute products!  I like the ones with little tents. 

Congratulations, Jessica!  Email me to find out how to claim your prize!!  You have until Sunday night. Pin It!

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