Tuesday, June 7, 2011

16 months

ian turned 16 months old on may 20!  oh, boy!

same song, same verse...?  ian still isn't walking...he's being very dilligent with his push toy, let you walk him in circles, and still taking 1-2 steps.  soooclose.

ian is still eating enough food to make someone watching him eat want to throw up.  as my husband says, i don't know whether to be impressed or throw up.  the kid loves food.  we also discovered something new this month- coconut milk!!  this has been the answer to our milk woes.  not only is coconut milk absolutely delicious, it's got lots of good fats in it and is comparable as far as calories and sugar when compared to cow's milk.  did i mention that he is in love with it?!  we are going through about a gallon a week- which is sad b\c it's sold by the half gallon and is double the price.    it's definitely worth it as it doesn't make his skin flare up in hives.

speaking of coconut milk... it has been the answer in almost fully weaning ian.  breastfeeding has become one of those things that i never thought i would get so attatched to.  and although i miss our afternoon cuddle (no milk, no sitting in my lap), it has been a good thing.  i am one step closer to regaining some control of my body that i haven't had in 2 years!!  we were getting to the point where every time ian sat on my lap, he was trying to completely disrobe me- he was pulling my top up or down, whatever he could do.  i talked to my lc, and her wonderful advice was "don't give in, but don't refuse him."  basically, to give him something in place of the breast.  the first day i tried it, i gave him a cup of coconut milk, and he has pretty much forgotten that i have boobs.  so we are now nursing 1 time a day, and that's in the morning.  going down to 1 a day has completely dried up my right side, so we'll see how long the left side goes.  i'd like to nurse in the morning until he's 2.  we'll see.  if not, i've made it at least this far.  i'm really proud of myself.

ian hasn't really said any new words.  baby, bye bye, hi, yes, mama, dada, all done... but... after many many months of trying- HE SIGNS!!!!!!  Ian now signs "all done" and "more."  he is usually asking for more food... of course.  we are working on other signs, i need to get myself back into it again.  he also does a "sign" where he opens and closes his hand, i call that his "gimme" sign. 

tooth number 7 is still working it's way to being a full tooth.  however, we had a really hellish week right after we got back from atlanta, and i discovered that ian's molars were swollen.  yikes.  boy, was he angry.  so we're waiting patiently for those teeth.  at least it was only one week!

well, here are a few of our month 16 photos!!

easter sunday

kissing the bulldog

so angry

he wore the same outfit all month

and these are getting more impossible.  we gave up after 2 photos this month
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